Welcome to the Hive

What is the Hive?

The Hive is a space in our new Clinical Tower for staff to have lunch, catch up with a colleague or do short bursts of work.

Where is it located? 

The Hive is located on Level 1 of the Nepean Hospital Clinical Tower – Building A. When you exit the staff lifts, follow the signs to The Hive. 

Who can use this space? 

Everyone! The Hive is for all staff and everyone has access to this new staff space. You don’t have to work in the Clinical Tower to use the space.  

What can I do in The Hive? 

The Hive has workpoints, collaboration spaces, quiet spaces, meeting rooms, a kitchen and breakout areas to support all staff.  

Some spaces are perfect for quick conversations with your colleagues such as booths and tables, there are some smaller rooms for private conversations and some rooms are bookable. 

What rooms can I book in The Hive? 

Some spaces in The Hive are bookable rooms to catch up on work or collaborate with your colleagues. These spaces include: 

  • Focus Rooms x 2 – fits 2-3 people for a meeting or catch-up 

  • ​Meeting Room – fits 6 people for meetings 

You can book a room in The Hive just like you book rooms now through Microsoft Outlook. Simply search for ‘Nepean-BuildingA-L1’ to see the list of available rooms. More information on booking and using rooms is available in the NBMLHD Room Booking System Management policy

Can I book a space permanently in The Hive to work from? 

No. The Hive has been designed for a flexible approach to work. You can arrive at any time for a break or to do some work and find a space that suits your needs.

The larger meeting rooms are dedicated for specific users but everywhere else is available as free use or bookable spaces. 

What technology is in The Hive to support my work? 

User-friendly technology has been integrated into the design to make the workspaces easy to use and access.  

Simply arrive with your device and use the power points and USB ports or connect to the WiFi you usually enjoy across the campus.  

As a security measure, only Health authorised laptops will be able to connect to our file servers.

Will I be able to have a meal break at The Hive? 

The Hive is the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet cup of tea or have your meal break. 

The Hive has fridges, microwaves, tea/coffee points, seating and tables for eating. 

There are lockers to store your personal belongings during your shift, such as your favourite mug or best pair of chopsticks. Be sure to take your belongings home after your shift as these lockers unlock and default to ‘open’ after 24 hours. 

What should I bring to The Hive? 

That depends on what you are using The Hive for. 

If you are wanting to do work, bring your laptop. You may also like to bring a set of headphones if you will be on a teleconference or making a few phone calls. 

If you are having a meal break at The Hive, bring your own cup, cutlery and crockery. It can be stored in the available lockers or brought with you from your home base. Being courteous and using manners is also important at The Hive. Snacks and drinks are ok at workpoints, but please take care and wipe up any spills. Always leave meeting rooms, the kitchen or other areas tidy after use.