What is the Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct?

The $790 million Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct (LHAP) will redevelop Liverpool Hospital into an international hub of medical excellence, research and education, providing a significant boost in health services to South Western Sydney’s booming population through an expansion of the hospital’s emergency department, neonatal intensive care, maternity and children’s services, and ambulatory and outpatient care. 

How will Liverpool benefit from the redevelopment?

The Liverpool Hospital redevelopment will provide enhanced healthcare and services for the community, close to home. This increased capacity will be complemented by expanded clinical services, public spaces and car parking, and integrated with research and teaching facilities to help ensure that Liverpool Hospital meets the needs of the growing community.

As one of the state’s biggest infrastructure projects, the employment opportunities generated through the redevelopment will boost the local economy, both during construction and on completion, and our staff will have the opportunity to work in a modern facility that supports their ongoing development. 

What is the value of the redevelopment?

The NSW Government is investing $740 million in the redevelopment of Liverpool Hospital, building on the previous $397 million redevelopment completed in 2012. An additional $50 million was committed for a new multi-storey car park which has replaced the former P2 car park, providing 500 additional spaces across campus.

Is the redevelopment a public-private partnership?

No. The redevelopment is fully funded by the NSW Government. 

What will the new Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct include?

  • Larger emergency department, intensive care unit and more theatres
  • Expanded neonatal intensive care unit and children’s services
  • Enhanced maternity and women’s health services
  • Integrated cancer services
  • Increased ambulatory care services and outpatient clinics
  • New multi-storey car park with improved pick-up and drop-off points.  

What happens to the existing hospital?

The redevelopment includes demolition works to some of the existing hospital buildings and the refurbishment of others buildings. As part of early works, the Ron Dunbier building and old ambulance station were demolished. The first stage of main works saw the demolition of the former Thomas and Rachel Moore Education Centre. The second stage of main works is scheduled to commence in 2024 and will see further demolition of exisiting buildings on Goulburn Street including the Alex Grimson building, Cancer Therapy Centre and the Pathlogy building. There will be no reduction in the quality of patient care, and those affected by relocations and/or temporary movement of services will be provided with appropriate notification. 

Will patient care be impacted during construction?

Patients will experience no reduction in the high quality of care provided by Liverpool Hospital. Disruptions will be minimised and those affected will be informed of any planned changes. 

Will there be enough staff for the increase in services?

The redevelopment will be supported by a workforce plan to train, recruit and retain staff to meet the future growth of Liverpool Hospital. 

Will construction impact car parking?

While every effort will be made to maintain existing parking for patients and visitors, as work progresses, there may be changes to vehicle access and car parking on campus and in surrounding streets. Disruptions will be minimised and those affected informed of any planned changes. Please allow extra time to find parking, and for your safety, follow traffic signage and directions. 

Will there be enough parking for the precinct?

As part of the redevelopment project, there is additional parking at Liverpool Hospital following the opening of a new hospital car park in September 2022 providing an additional 500 parking spaces across the campus. Additionally, there will be dedicated parking areas for staff and visitors, more drop off and pick up points and improved flow of vehicles through the precinct. Note: Staff who require a new parking application, please contact the HR department.

When will construction begin?

Early works on the Liverpool Hospital redevelopment (Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct) commenced in early 2020, followed by main works which commenced in late 2021.

What did early works involve?

Early works refers to the activities required to help prepare the site for construction. For the Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct, early works included:
  • Ground works to facilitate underground service changes and upgrades, both on site and in streets surrounding the hospital
  • Road works, including realignment of Burnside Drive/Entrance J
  • Demolition of the disused Ron Dunbier building and old ambulance station
  • Construction of a temporary education facility on Eastern Campus
  • Reconfiguration and connection of P1 and P3 car parks
  • Temporary relocation of engineering office, distribution centre and telephone switch room
  • New kitchen facility
  • New mortuary
  • Helipad upgrade.  

When will the Liverpool Hospital redevelopment be completed?

Construction is expected to be completed in 2027, followed by a program of refurbishment works withing existing buildings.

Will there be noise and dust during construction?

Noise, vibration and dust are normal in the construction process and will be managed to minimise any impacts through the Dust, Noise and Vibration plan.

When will construction of the new car park finish?

Construction commenced in December 2020 and was completed in September 2022. The new car park is now open to staff, patients, carers and the community between 6am to 10pm daily, accessible via Burnside Drive.

Will services be impacted?

As the project is taking place on the existing hospital site, it is essential that works are staged to minimise the day to day operations of the staff and clinicians in providing patient care. 

What stage is the Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct up to?

Each project usually includes three main stages – Planning, Design and Delivery – all of which include several steps. As at early 2022, the Liverpool Hospital redevelopment project has progressed through the schematic design phase, which sets out the range of services the hospital will offer and the general look and feel of buildings and spaces. Alongside the continuation of the design process, Main Works Stage 1 ‘delivery’ is also underway. Visit the below pages for information about the various stages in the redevelopment, including: Learn more about the detailed process of building a hospital at 

How can I keep up to date with what is happening?

We’re committed to sharing regular updates on the project with our staff and community. To stay in the know, visit:  
Our project team is keen to spread the word about this exciting redevelopment project. If your community group or organisation would like to learn more, reach out by emailing or calling us on (02) 8738 6670 to discuss opportunities for a group presentation by a project team representative/s.

Thank you for your patience as we build the Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct.