A new clinical space for the hospital!

A brand new clinical space has been delivered at Liverpool Hospital following construction completion of the Brennan Unit (Forensics) marking a special new milestone for the redevelopment project team.

Brennan Unit Service Manager Batoul El Husseini said she’s delighted that the Forensics Department has found its permanent home within the hospital’s Emergency Department.

“Our new home was carefully designed and will operate its services in an environment that offers comfort, safety and efficiency. The new space is an all-inclusive unit where a patient’s journey is supported by our wonderful team from the moment they arrive.”

The new Forensics Department is the first brand new space to be delivered as part of the first stage of main works for the redevelopment of Liverpool Hospital.

To learn what departments will be delivered in Stage 1, visit: lhap.health.nsw.gov.au/projects/mainworks1