building a healthy hospital

Hospitals are complex buildings, and their operation requires a considerable amount of resources – from electricity for lighting, medical equipment, heating and cooling, to water for sanitation and general use.

As part of planning for the Liverpool Health and Academic Precinct, the project team has identified a range of opportunities to help lower the new facility’s environmental impact and further improve the health of our community.

A comfortable and healthy indoor environment will be created through a range of design initiatives – from the north-south building orientation that minimises eastern and western sun exposure, to the retaining of significant trees and planting of new ones to reduce heat load.

The project will target a 10 per cent energy reduction through cost-effective energy solutions, consideration of future maintenance needs and the minimisation of waste during both construction and future operation of the new buildings.

Other initiatives of the new build will include the recycling of demolished waste, water reuse through wicking beds in landscaped areas, the installation of solar panels, and implementation of circadian lighting that allows inpatient rooms to follow outside light levels, all of which will contribute to the construction of a healthy building.