new equipment arrives early

Some of our radiographers testing out the new equipment on Scrubs the Pug – no breaks found!

The hospital’s Diagnostic Radiology team recently welcomed the addition of two new mobile x-ray machines, greatly supporting the recent increase in presentations as a result of the pandemic.

The machines were part of a larger order, set to be delivered on completion of the redevelopment project, but were brought forward in response to current need.

With digital functionality and the ability to move the machines easily between patients and departments, Chief Radiographer Shakun Kishore said the provision of this state-of-the art equipment has greatly enhanced her team’s ability to perform mobile x-rays in the Emergency Department (ED), Trauma, and inpatient wards.

“Mobile x-ray machines are used for very sick patients who are not able to make the journey to Radiology for their chest x-rays or other body part imaging, or who need to be under observation in ED. They’re also used for infectious patients who are isolated in separate areas,” Shakun said.

“Having the ability to station the mobile machines in key areas enables quick response to clinical need, reducing both patient wait times and diagnosis turnaround.

"We’re really grateful to the redevelopment project team for acknowledging the value in bringing supply of this important equipment forward,” Shakun added.