Comfort for bereaved families

As part of the redevelopment, a new mortuary has been created, boasting a range of enhancements.

The new space includes a viewing room which aims to support bereaved families through the provision of a comfortable environment that is sensitive to the needs of different cultures. Along with a new viewing room, there is also new and advanced technology including security upgrades, as well as a dedicated waiting area and internal public bathrooms.

The new space has been designed to respond to current needs and accommodate increased capacity. Mortuary Coordinator, Jerry Spanidis, said the new mortuary design had helped address the needs of both staff and the community. “It meets our commitment to preserve the dignity and wishes of the deceased and family members, with a well-designed viewing room offering privacy and support to bereaving families and relatives.”

Additionally, the new viewing room and waiting area feature vinyl wall art and neutral furnishings, creating a welcoming and calming space for family groups and other visitors to the facility.