Connecting with our diverse communities in various languages

Engaging with local community groups and organisations is a monthly highlight for the redevelopment project team. We value hearing from community members and addressing any questions they may have regarding the exciting hospital redevelopment.

Members of the NSW Refugee Health Service and STARRTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma) recently had the opportunity to be informed and inspired about the project, and received flyers, brochures and information sheets to share with their members and contacts.

We have also translated these materials into languages such as Assyrian, Arabic, Khmer, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese to support our diverse community.

Any multicultural organisation who would like to learn more about the LHAP or receive a translated communication pack can email: or call 8738 6670.

We encourage everyone including you, to help us spread the word about the hospital's exciting future by sharing our materials across your media channels. Thanks for your support!