Modern end-of-trip centre improves staff wellbeing

A new end-of-trip (EOT) centre in the $790 million Stage 1 Liverpool Hospital redevelopment will support staff who ride, walk or run to work or exercise during the day.

The new facility will give staff the opportunity to freshen up when they arrive to work and will include changerooms, showers and toilets, secure lockers, bike racks and bike repair stations.

Liverpool Hospital Acting General Manager Scott McGrath said the end-of-trip centre will be located in the basement of the new hospital building.

“It will improve staff wellbeing, encourages environmentally friendly travel such as biking, and promotes healthy lifestyle choices amongst our staff – including those who like to exercise during the day and shift workers at

Liverpool Hospital,’’ Mr McGrath said. Liverpool Hospital staff who currently access end-of-trip facilities were consulted in the design of the new centre.