preserving a moment in history

On 26 July 1997, a time capsule was placed inside a wall of the then-new Clinical Building as part of celebrations for the official opening.

The Clinical Building was opened by the Premier of NSW and the Minister for Health at the time, and the time capsule was placed with plans for it to be opened 100 years later.

As part of the first stage of construction for the Liverpool Health and Academic precinct, a section of the Clinical Building will be demolished to make way for the new Integrated Services Building, providing a larger and more advanced space including a new Information Desk, Pathology, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Birthing, general clinics and more.

The time capsule and plaque were recently removed and are now with the Liverpool Hospital Library team for safe keeping until the new building is completed, where they will be relocated until the scheduled time capsule opening in 2097.

irector of General and Acute Care Medicine, Preserving a moment in history Dr Colin MacArthur, was Liverpool Hospital’s General Manager for the opening ceremony in 1997, and recalls the event. “I remember there was a raffle for the community to have their name on the plaque with the Premier before the capsule was placed into the wall.” While he knows the contents of the time capsule, which reflect the health service and community of the time, Dr MacArthur will keep that to himself to help preserve that point in history.

The Clinical Building was opened at the same time as the Thomas and Rachel Moore Education Centre, named after the Moore family who settled in 1809 and built their house on the site that would later become Liverpool Hospital